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Business Meeting

Our Team.

While we all come from different beginnings and paths to where we are today our team shares a passion for helping our clients and making sure we do whatever we can to help our clients succeed.

We also share a passion for working smart and using technology to our advantage as we believe that its better to be focused on growing your business than worrying about your cashflow.


Heidi Hill

Managing Partner


Jane Smith

Accounting Technician


Ken North



Ava Hill

Office Administrator


Jill Jameson

Accounting Technician

Our Purpose

We believe that the business decisions you make are only as good as the information you base them on.  Having a clean set of books is critical to preparing cashflow forecasts and informed business decisions need to be made using accurate forecasts of cashflow and capital requirements.


Our services connect you to the critical information about your company that  you bookkeeper and accountant may not be providing you and improve the quality of the information that you may already be receiving. We work with your existing staff to build out your management reporting tools as well as be available to you as a business resource. We provide you with the financial tools, information and knowledge to be better informed about the state of your business and make timely business decisions.


We add value by focusing on Cashflow and giving you accurate, timely information.

The most important aspect of any business is "Cashflow".  Every business need to have at minimum a weekly updated rolling cashflow forecast, more frequent in times of cash constraints and critical times in the business lifecycle. Knowing your true cash position can save you from the perils of not knowing, getting it wrong and having to deal with even bigger issues.


We focus on cashflow because cash is real.

Cash is real, it is tangible  unlike accounting profits and income that hide in the numbers and on the financial reports and spreadsheets. How many times have you asked your accountant why you don't have more money in your account if you made xxx of income? Cashflow cuts across almost every aspect of your business, it drives all major financial decisions and can impact the day to day operational decisions as well. 


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